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THE REPORT IS IN: A university research study during the 2013-2014 school year found that the implementation of Manners of the Heart reduced disciplinary problems by 30% and contributed to raising a school’s letter grade from F to D or D to C in only one year. On the contrary, control schools in the research study that did not implement Manners of the Heart, experienced a 28% increase in disciplinary referrals and a 15.6 decrease in academic achievement scores resulting in a school performance score that dropped from D to F. 

Children don't deserve another year without Manners of the Heart. 

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Garden of a Child’s Heart

Springtime is upon us, bringing a fresh start and a new perspective to life. In my backyard, yellow primrose are overflowing in pots beneath towering snapdragons in full bloom. Hydrangea are beginning to wake from their winter sleep. The grass that looked as if it would not return this year sprouted new growth this weekend.

How are things growing in the garden of your child’s heart? Is it time to pull some weeds? Is it time for pruning? Here’s a garden plan to cultivate the seeds of goodheartedness in your child’s heart.

Prepare your heart to be the gardener in your child’s heart. Character in your child begins with your own character. You must strive to be all you want your child to become.

Plant the seeds of goodheartedness, beginning with generosity, kindness and patience.

Protect the growth by putting boundaries in place for your family. Children need to know who they belong to so their roots can go down deep. It takes time to build the fortitude your children need to resist the pests that come along.

Prune the branches with loving discipline. Just as a garden that goes unchecked gets out of control, so do children without discipline. We must love our children enough to take the time to discipline.

Pull the weeds with patience every day. Check daily for trouble spots as you watch the garden mature. No allowance for disrespect in this garden!

Pray the harvest with perseverance. Don’t give up, never, never, never give up. The harvest will come!

After seven months of weekly Manners of the Heart lessons, we finally saw a sprout of goodheartedness in one of our deeply troubled second grade students. For most of the school year, he made it no secret that he hated Manners of the Heart, often calling our lessons “stupid.”

A few weeks ago, during one of our lessons, our young student was asked if he was a buddy or a bully. When he didn't respond, our instructor looked him in the eye and said with a smile, “You’re my buddy.”

Two weeks later, she was standing in the hallway as the second graders were walking to lunch. Our little student pointed to our instructor and said, “Hey, there’s my buddy. Be a buddy not a bully!” She gave him a high five. He has been a different child ever since!

If you garden with love and patience in your child’s heart, one day you will enjoy a beautiful child in full bloom.  

From my heart to yours, 



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