With Respect Businesses Prosper

At Manners of the Heart we believe how your employees treat others is the HEART of your business. From cultivating a strong work ethic and perfecting dining skills to becoming a participating team member and master communicator, The Business of Manners® can help you and your company stand heads above the competition.

The Business of Manners

In the latest edition of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement report, respectful treatment of all employees at all levels was rated as very important. Two-thirds of employees rated respectful treatment as the top contributor to overall employee job satisfaction.

Respect was more important than compensation or job security. And yet, only 38% of employees were satisfied with the level of respect present in their workplace.

According to a recent report, “Respect connects us at a personal level. It reflects an attitude developed from deep listening and understanding. It honors all the participants in an interaction by creating a safe place to have difficult conversations and leads to an environment of honest and mutual trust.”

I see how much work is taking place and the deep thought process a lot of our people are giving to our culture. I am excited about our future. The Business of Manners will continue to be a big part of our success and success to me is when we win the hearts of our people and change their lives by creating an environment where they can LOVE their jobs!! When that happens great things will follow!!

Terry Rich
COO Pack Automotive Group, Fort Worth, TX

Business Workshops

Incremental Improvements Lead to Monumental Gains Incremental Improvements Lead to Monumental Gains
Respect, Responsibility, and the Generations Respect, Responsibility, and the Generations
Respecting Our Differences Respecting Our Differences
The "Perfect Employees" and the Ideal Coach The "Perfect Employees" and the Ideal Coach
The Business of Dining The Business of Dining
Which Will You Choose, #1 or The Best? Which Will You Choose, #1 or The Best?

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Incremental Improvements Lead to Monumental Gains

Are you hoping for monumental gains in your professional and private life? You can find them by focusing on 14.4 minutes per day. That’s all it takes to reach your goals and even surpass them.

Respect, Responsibility, and the Generations

One of the most challenging problems in business today is the wide diversity of thought between generations. In this session, we’ll take a look at how the attitude of respect changed from one generation to the next and how we can learn valuable lessons from each other that strengthen us as individuals and as employees, ultimately improving the culture of the workplace and the care given to our clients. 

Respecting Our Differences

To treat others with respect means understanding we may look different or act different on the outside, but we all have the same heart needs on the inside. We’ll explore how to use our differences to draw us closer rather than push us apart.

The "Perfect Employees" and the Ideal Coach

What attributes would you look for in a person who is offering you the same product or service that you offer your customers? Identify those traits and you will pinpoint your goals! We will also explore the differences in supervising styles, focusing on being a manager versus being a coach.

The Business of Dining

Seeking greater confidence in handling business meals and social event with grace and ease? Refresh your memory on long-forgotten table etiquette rules. Learn guest and host responsibilities for business functions.

Which Will You Choose, #1 or The Best?

At first glance, many say there is no difference in these two options. They seem to be one in the same.  In this session, we will identify the stark differences between #1 or The Best and discuss which choice will lead to ultimate success.