Our mission is to restore respect and civility in our society by equipping schools, encouraging families and engaging communities in respect-based Heart Education.

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Every dollar of individual contributions is used to further the social and emotional learning of children and transform schools, families, and communities. Together we are restoring respect and civility, one Heart at a time.


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Action-packed audio theater dramas of our weekly Merryville Stories.

  • Improve listening comprehension
  • Cultivate the imagination
  • Inspire reading

Enjoy our Manners of the Heart Kids' favorite story,

The Watchman of Merryville

Can a greedy pirate learn to help others? Listen along to hear about Cap'n Nick's journey.

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Art of the Heart Gallery

We'd like to honor those who help others by giving your children an opportunity to express their gratitude through art!

We're inviting children to draw/color a picture of people helping people. Snap a pic of your child's artwork and send it to aprice@mannersoftheheart.org. Anna will upload it to the gallery.

See The Art!