With Respect Communities Thrive

Webster’s defines community as a unified body of individuals. When we put aside our differences and strive toward the common goal of building a great city, we can become a real community.

Art of the Heart Gallery

We'd like to honor those who help others by giving your children an opportunity to express their gratitude through art!

We're inviting children to draw/color a picture of people helping people. Snap a pic of your child's artwork and send it to aprice@mannersoftheheart.org. Anna will upload it to the gallery.

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BRRespect, a social movement, born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, gives each citizen the opportunity to take The Pledge of Respect and commit to upholding its standards:

To treat others the way you want to be treated,
To practice kindness,
To return disrespect with respect,
To be slow to anger and quick to forgive,
To honor others before myself,
To give to someone who cannot give in return,
To serve without thought of recognition or personal gain,
To be your best and give your best every day,
To see beyond the past and look toward the future
for the good of our community,
So that together we can “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity

This movement, created by MOH, gives each citizen a weekly Good Deed to perform for others – a simple action each of us can do to increase the respect we show each other. A focus on small and simple actions creates a big movement.

What is the foundation of a great community? RESPECT, mutual, abiding respect. Clear and simple, “I’ve got your back” kind of thinking. When understanding and respect are the foundation for working together, a cohesively diverse community can be created! One that meets disrespect with respect. One that gives respect and gets respect!

At Manners of the Heart, we know it’s the attitude behind the action that determines the action. Our vision is that we can build a community where the attitude behind the action reflects respect.

When we Choose Respect, our children and teens will be filled with optimism, encouragement and hope, not rage and disrespect for others.

Community Support

BR Respect drew wide community support from a number of area businesses in addition to getting signed Pledges of Respect from over 1,300 individuals in the community.

Community Partners