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At Manners of the Heart we believe the attitude behind the action must reflect respect. Our curriculum supports heart education by teaching self-control, responsibility, and respect for others. This results in productive learning environments where individual student motivation drives academic success.


Manners of the Heart offers a respect-based Heart Education curriculum for students Pre-K through 2nd grade taught by classroom teachers as a core subject. Unlocking the hearts of students opens their minds to receive the information teachers have to impart. While significantly increasing prosocial behavior, this evidence-based program has been proven to substantially decrease conduct problems, hyperactivity and bullying incidents.

The Impact

An End of Year Educator Survey shows:


Say they see a definite improvement in the attitudes and behaviors of their students since implementing Manners of the Heart.


Say they look forward to teaching Manners of the Heart Lessons each week.


Say their students love the Manners of the Heart lessons and look forward to them.

University Research Study

Dr. Monique LeBlanc, a Professor of Psychology at Southeastern Louisiana University, conducted a research study on the academic impact of Manners of the Heart® in schools.


Decrease in Disciplinary Referrals


Increase in SPS


Increase in reading proficiency


Increase in positive behavior


Decrease in disciplinary referrals

Engaging the Imagination

At Manners of the Heart, we believe the imagination is born from the heart. The first step toward academic success is unlocking the hearts of your students so their minds will open to receive the information you have to impart to them. Weekly lessons are story-based and set in the fictitious town of Merryville, which is filled with comical characters and creative story lines that illustrate the principles being taught in each lesson.

Wise Ol' Wilbur and the entire Merryville Gang!

Manners of the Heart teaches us how to better treat each other. MOH also shows us how to be our own persons and how to deal with all of our emotions, especially our negative emotions without hurting anyone else.

Cyndy Rutherford
Teacher, Westminster Elementary,
Baton Rouge, LA

Professional Development

Through professional development, teachers are equipped to do their work more effectively as less time is spent on discipline and more time is devoted to instruction. Manners of the Heart (MOH) provides teachers with essential tools to help their students develop a strong heart they desperately need to succeed.

Home Connection

Manners of the Heart believes that reinforcement at home is vital to the success of the curriculum. Each lesson comes with a grade-specific Home Connection Letter, giving parents and guardians a glimpse into what is being taught in the classroom. Families will find practical tips for integration and reinforcement in the home.

To more deeply engage the families, onsite interactive family workshops are available on a wide variety of relevant topics.

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