Manners of the Heart is Growing!

Do you want to help children live happier and more enriched lives? Are you tired of the disrespect so prevalent in the way young people and adults interact with each other today? Do you wish you could help students, teachers and schools better prepare children for life?

Join the Manners of the Heart Team!

Our mission is to “Restore Respect and Civility, one Heart at a Time” by equipping schools, encouraging families, engaging communities, and elevating businesses. We help children see beyond themselves and their circumstances. We help them become all they are meant to be. We do this with our powerful manners and respect-based educational program and curriculum. See below for more information:


Manners of the Heart wants to reach every child in America with our life transforming message. The fulfillment of our mission relies in great part upon our Ambassadors- those individuals who represent Manners of the Heart in local and state regions beyond our home base in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Manners of the Heart Ambassador Program is currently seeking persons with a desire to introduce our Elementary Heart Education Curriculum to schools and districts across our country. In addition to promoting the mission and message of MOH, a MOH Ambassador is responsible for sales of MOH training programs, products, services and speaking events.

If you want to learn more about the Ambassador Program and would like to explore the possibility of joining our team contact Pam Prescott, Senior Brand Ambassador, 225-383-3235 or

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